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Everything Is Great!The Good Place : Season 2 E...

After presenting Eleanor with a house designed specifically for her preferences, Michael introduces her to her soulmate, Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), a Senegalese ethics professor. When Michael leaves, Eleanor reveals to Chidi that everything Michael said about her life is wrong and she is not the person he says she is. Eleanor explains how she made a living by knowingly selling a worthless dietary supplement to the sick and elderly as an uncaring person, not recalling any good action she has ever done. Michael then introduces Eleanor and Chidi to their neighbors, Tahani Al-Jamil (Jameela Jamil), a wealthy English philanthropist, and her soulmate Jianyu Li (Manny Jacinto), a Buddhist monk who has decided to keep his vow of silence.

Everything Is Great!The Good Place : Season 2 E...

Somewhere Else is about our humans (well, just one of them for now) being placed into yet another Skinner box of experimentation to find that every elusive answer. How to be good, how to love one another, and in the process how to live forever like that book is always talking about.

Also, instead of the mural outside of Michael's office reading, "Welcome! Everything is fine," like it did throughout season one, in the second version of the neighborhood, the mural says, "Welcome! Everything is great!"

As far as we can tell, this fictional product placement was first spotted by a fan on Reddit. The demons were celebrating a heist by drinking Snake Juice, which was featured on season three of "Parks and Recreation."

We also get more of Bad Janet, who is equally hilarious with her apathy towards everything and everyone around her. D'Arcy Carden shows that she's just as good as playing the polar opposite of her character as she is at playing Good Janet.

While squabbling over which of the two should go to The Bad Place, Eleanor has an epiphany: This afterlife experience they've endured thus far hasn't been so torturous by mere accident. Rather, she asserts that they've been in The Bad Place all along. And just like that, everything changed. Michael confirms that this has all been an experiment for a new Bad Place neighborhood, where the four were chosen specifically to drive each other insane for all of eternity. Everyone else in the neighborhood, including "real" Eleanor, was a colleague of Michael's, merely playing a part. The only thing not fake? Janet, whom Michael stole from The Good Place. Michael begs Shawn for a re-do, a blanking of the four souls' memories as he rejiggers some things. In a panic, Eleanor writes a message to herself and places it with Janet. After she re-awakens (and is presented with a new soulmate), Janet delivers the note: "Eleanor - Find Chidi."

Even the three new test subjects from earlier this season got their spot in the Good Place. Simone (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) with her judgmental tendencies and John (Brandon Scott Jones) with his hunger for gossip both tested well enough to make it through. It's a short look, but there's a quick scene where the truly awful Brent (Benjamin Koldyke) is still there working his way through the system. He isn't tossed out and he hasn't been given up on, but yes he's still trying to defend asking women to smile more. Every person has good inside them. Even Brent. As Michael said in a previous episode, "No one is beyond rehabilitation," and this quote rings true until the end of the series.

But this is what fuels Eleanor to find that perfect version of herself, to complete her journey. Even after helping devise an entire system to save humanity, Eleanor still finds a way to help others, specifically in the form of Mindy St. Claire (Maribeth Monroe) and Michael. She convinces Mindy to ditch the Medium Place and start the process of transitioning to the Good Place after realizing Mindy is what could have been her fate if it were not for her friends. For Michael, a troubled demon who doesn't seem to believe he has a place in the afterlife, she gets the Judge (Maya Rudolph) to send him down to Earth to fulfill his dream of being a human. With her two final and great deeds complete, Eleanor takes the step through the door.

Parents need to know that The Good Place is a fantasy sitcom about a woman who dies and goes to a heaven-like afterlife. Moral messages are underlined unusually clearly on this show, since only good actions and people are allowed in this "good place"; positive actions such as helping others are explicitly praised, while actions such as defrauding others of their money are criticized. Expect some vulgar language, but cursing is subverted, as there's no rough language in the afterlife: The main character says "fork this" and "bullshirt." There are jokes about bodily functions, body parts, and being "horny." Adult characters drink wine and cocktails at a party; a woman drinks 30 glasses of wine and acts drunk and sloppy but has no hangover when she wakes. Cast boasts extensive racial and ethnic diversity, with people of color in main roles.

After the Cowboy Bebop adaptation, some may have wondered if Netflix still "had it." Fortunately, all of the right notes have been hit with this adaptation of Neil Gaiman's classic DC comic book series. Tom Sturridge is a pitch-perfect Dream (aka Morpheus), ad while the series may be a slow starter (matching the source material), critics agree it ramps up fantastically in the back half. Recent good news came in the form of a renewal, so stop worrying about the chances of The Sandman season 2!

Even a casual soapy drama can be decadent if prepared properly. As is the case with Bridgerton, the first fruit of the deal that Netflix signed with show-runner Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy). The cleverly-written and beautifully-produced series tracks Daphne, a young socialite debuting in the London scene. Each episode has an ending that will leave you clicking "Play" again, so beware it's not the longest season. The good news is that Bridgerton season 3 (and 4) are confirmed!

You don't have to go to Portlandia to feel the spirit of the 1990's on Netflix. R&B superstar Brandy Norwood starred in Moesha, a UPN series that was brought in mid-season and became one of the network's biggest hits, and Netflix is finally giving it a streaming home for all to relive its great run. The series dealt with what seemed like the social issues of the day, including drug use, teen pregnancy and race relations, all of which are still relevant today.

If you're looking for an intense and action-packed crime series, check out the greatest heists this side of Danny Ocean. The beautifully-shot series tracks the crews led by The Professor, who aims to take rob the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. This Spanish-language show zigs and zags all over the place, with flash-backs and time jumps to keep you on your toes. You even have to be concerned with the ol' "unreliable narrator" conceit, which adds even more intrigue. The series just ended, so you can binge it all now!

The first thing you should know is that Russian Doll is the funny and emotional the series that Natasha Lyonne (its star, co-creator, writer, and director) has long since deserved, as she's spent most of her career as a co-star and not a lead. Its twisting, tricky premise is so good that we won't say anything else. Russian Doll's originality makes it one of the best shows to watch on Netflix. And after a mind-bending second season, we're eagerly awaiting news about Russian Doll season 3.

An excellent odd-couple comedy, Grace and Frankie gives Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin starring roles with a lot of great one-liners. The series begins with a life-shattering moment as Frankie and Grace (Tomlin and Fonda) discover that their husbands are leaving them. Soon, the natural enemies slowly become friends. The series concluded after a long-awaited final set of season 7 episodes.

In "Islands: Part Two," it appears that Shaun and Lea are in a good place. He helps her pack up her apartment for Hershey and states that he wants to move his residency to Pennsylvania to be with Lea. He tells Glassman and Claire as well, who both don't want him to go. Shaun ultimately decides to stay, bidding far well to Lea, who lets him borrow her signed baseball. She then kisses him for the final time and leaves for Hershey.

In the first two seasons, the costumes were providing hints about the big reveal through color: green for "good" and red for "bad." Going into the mind of the architects, obviously demons pretending to be in the Good Place wouldn't wear red, right? But now the old neighborhood has literally dissolved and the ruse is up, so "all bets are off," Mann says, over the phone.

Quick refresh: Back in the froyo shop-filled faux Good Place, "fake" Eleanor was stuck wearing the supposed "real" Eleanor's altruistism-channeling wardrobe of practical clogs, flannel shirts and University of Michigan Law School sweatshirts. While in flashbacks to her selfish, designated-driver-avoiding life, she rocked a wardrobe of just-too-tight and intentionally basic 'fits depicting her "not a goody good" approach to life. This season, the reformed Arizona dirtbag finds the good place in herself and it shows in her optimistic, collegiate wardrobe. 041b061a72


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