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[FSX] SteveFX - DX10 Scenery Fixer V2 3: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison with Other Products

Hi Steve, sorry to disturb but having problems with my purchase at FastSpring. I know my email address was missing a letter thus no confirmation nor download link. Contacted support but no answer for 14 hours. I payed with PayPal and it went o.k. of course. What should i do now? I need the dx10 fixer for ORBX. Should i buy again and wait for a refund or is it possible to correct my mailaddress in my order?

[FSX] SteveFX - DX10 Scenery Fixer V2 3[FSX] SteveFX - DX10 Scenery Fixer V2 3

Download File:

Ooops...first, this is the fastest respond I ever got. Thank you. I am getting blind and crazy recently how many manuals I had to read, but true, I should look more closely, one more time, just in case not to forget anything. I logged there FlightSim store, but I can't find purchase of Dx10 scenery fixer. Where did I buy, can't recall honestly, was sometimes last year. If that stop me getting the new link, fine, no problem. In the mean time I am trying to fix problem with current version and if no help is available, I exhausted all my options.


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