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The Beatles Get Back Glyn Johns Rar

The Beatles Get Back Glyn Johns Rar

The Beatles' Let It Be album, released in 1970, was the last one they recorded before their breakup. However, it was not the original version of the album that they intended to release. In fact, the album had a different title, a different tracklist, and a different producer. It was called Get Back, and it was mixed by Glyn Johns, a renowned engineer who had worked with the band since 1965.

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Get Back was the result of a project that the Beatles started in January 1969, when they decided to return to their roots and record a live album without overdubs or studio tricks. They also planned to film the sessions for a documentary that would show their creative process and their camaraderie. However, things did not go as smoothly as they hoped. The band was going through personal and professional tensions, and the sessions were often tense and unproductive. The film crew also added to the pressure, as they invaded the band's privacy and captured their arguments and frustrations.

Glyn Johns was hired to record and mix the sessions, which took place at Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Studios. He compiled several versions of the album, using different songs and sequences, and presented them to the band and their manager, Allen Klein. However, none of them were approved, as the band was unhappy with the quality and the concept of the album. They felt that it did not reflect their true musical vision, and that it exposed their flaws and weaknesses.

In May 1969, the project was shelved, and the Beatles moved on to record Abbey Road, which would be their final studio album. In March 1970, Klein hired Phil Spector, a famous producer known for his "wall of sound" technique, to salvage the Get Back tapes and turn them into a marketable product. Spector added orchestral and choral overdubs, changed the song order, and renamed the album Let It Be. The album was released in May 1970, along with the documentary film of the same name.

The Beatles were not consulted or involved in Spector's work, and some of them were dissatisfied with his changes. Paul McCartney was especially vocal about his displeasure, as he felt that Spector had ruined his songs, such as "The Long and Winding Road" and "Let It Be". He also disliked the fact that Spector had taken credit for producing the album, when he had only remixed it.

Glyn Johns' versions of Get Back, on the other hand, remained unreleased for decades, except for some bootlegs that circulated among fans. They were finally made available in 2021, as part of the 50th anniversary edition of Let It Be. The deluxe box set included two CDs containing Johns' first and second mixes of Get Back, as well as a book with photos and essays about the project. The box set also included a remastered version of Let It Be, a CD with outtakes and rehearsals, a Blu-ray with a new documentary by Peter Jackson called The Beatles: Get Back, and a vinyl EP with four songs recorded live on the rooftop of Apple's headquarters.

The release of Johns' mixes gave fans a chance to hear what the Beatles had originally envisioned for their final album. They also offered a contrast to Spector's mixes, highlighting the differences in style and approach between the two producers. Some fans preferred Johns' mixes, as they felt that they were more authentic and faithful to the Beatles' sound and spirit. Others preferred Spector's mixes, as they felt that they were more polished and dramatic.

Ultimately, both versions of the album have their merits and flaws, and they reflect different aspects of the Beatles' legacy. They also show how one project can have multiple interpretations and outcomes, depending on who is involved and what decisions are made. As Glyn Johns himself said in an interview, "There is no right or wrong. There is just different."


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