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Modern World History By Jain And Mathur Pdf 103 |TOP|

the vedic religion was then transformed into the bhagavad gita religion, which was greatly influenced by greek thought. after the fall of the indo-greeks, the religion underwent several transformations, which led to the establishment of newer religions such as buddhism and jainism. the modern hinduism is a religion based on the vedas and vedanta, the second part of the ramayana and which contains several parts, like bhagavad gita, brahma sutra and gita, manusmriti, the great epics, the stories of krishna, the characters of which have been very influential in western mythology. today, indians enjoy a colorful culture with a rich culinary and artistic heritage. indian politics, economy and history have had a major influence in the world. in this paper, the evolution of the modern indian concept of gurus will be presented.

modern world history by jain and mathur pdf 103

the bhagavad gita, written in the second century bce, is attributed to the hindu philosopher philosopher sage shri krishna, and it is based upon the the oldest portion of the mahabharata, also called the veda. the bhagavad gita is a dialogue between a god figure and a mortal man, with the mortal man representing the sinner. the god, krishna, is saying how to behave. he is speaking not as the god of hinduism but as the god of monotheistic faiths like islam and christianity and showing the ways that the believers in such faiths could live in accordance with the tenants of their faith.

in the bhagavad gita , krishna is explaining that the purpose of life, and the methods for living it, are spiritual, not temporal. everything must be done in the service of religion, not in the service of anything else. the fact that god is an abstract idea, referred to as brahman, is the first lesson of the gita. if one follows krishna, that is if one follows the path of spirituality, brahman will emerge, and one will find eternal peace and fulfillment.


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