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Kollimalai Singam Tamil Dubbed Movie 49

Kollimalai Singam Tamil Dubbed Movie 49

Kollimalai Singam is a Tamil dubbed version of the Telugu movie Anji, starring Chiranjeevi and Namrata Shirodkar. The movie was released in 2004 and was directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. The movie is based on the legend of the Aatmalingam, a powerful divine stone that grants immortality to anyone who possesses it. The movie follows the adventures of Anji, a forest guard who finds the Aatmalingam and protects it from the evil clutches of Bhatia, a greedy businessman who wants to use it for his own benefit.


The movie was dubbed in Tamil as Kollimalai Singam and was released in 2006. The movie was well received by the Tamil audience and was praised for its visual effects, action sequences, and Chiranjeevi's performance. The movie was also dubbed in Hindi as Diler-The Daring and in Malayalam as Chekavan. The movie was one of the most expensive movies made in Telugu cinema at that time and was also one of the highest-grossing movies of Chiranjeevi's career.

The movie has 49 scenes in total, which are divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the legend of the Aatmalingam and the characters of Anji and Bhatia. The second chapter shows how Anji finds the Aatmalingam and learns about its history and power. The third chapter depicts how Bhatia learns about the Aatmalingam and hires a mercenary named Swapna to seduce Anji and steal the stone. The fourth chapter reveals that Swapna is actually Anji's childhood friend and that she falls in love with him again. The fifth chapter shows how Bhatia kidnaps Swapna and forces Anji to hand over the Aatmalingam. The sixth chapter showcases the climax of the movie, where Anji fights against Bhatia and his army to save Swapna and the Aatmalingam.

The movie has several songs composed by Mani Sharma, which are sung by various singers like SP Balasubrahmanyam, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sadhana Sargam, Chitra, and others. Some of the popular songs are "Yemani Cheppanu", "Mirapakaya Bajji", "Chik Buk Pori", "Nuvvante Naakishtam", and "Chilaka Ye Thodu Leka". The Tamil version of the songs were written by Vairamuthu and were sung by the same singers.

Kollimalai Singam is a thrilling and entertaining movie that showcases Chiranjeevi's charisma and action skills. The movie is a must-watch for fans of Chiranjeevi and fantasy movies. You can watch the full movie on YouTube or on other online platforms.


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