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Sealing Of The Five Senses: Advanced Practices ... __HOT__

The argument advanced on behalf of the appellant that heat sealing by means of a (hot) fluid does not correspond to the usual practice of the skilled person was not substantiated. Mere reference to the age of document D8 (published in 1976) does not on its own constitute a valid reason for its teaching to be disregarded by the skilled person. The apparatus disclosed in document D8 (column 2, lines 25 to 66; column 4, lines 29 to 32, figures 1 to 7) provides sufficient proof that "heat sealing by means of a (hot) fluid" is neither illogical nor necessarily erroneous.

Sealing of the Five Senses: Advanced Practices ...

All five standards offered for the Advanced Programs are attachedto what CAEP has defined as success in P-12 schools. For example, Standard1.4 reads that "advanced program completers demonstrate skills andcommitment to creating supportive environments that afford all P-12 studentsaccess to rigorous college and career-ready standards [such as Common CoreState Standards]." That other definitions of school success exist andhave merit is unacknowledged by CAEP. As Bullough (2014a) contended,"CAEP offers a vision of an 'ideal system' of teachereducation.... Diversity of programs and practices is viewed as a seriousweakness, not a strength" (p. 1). 041b061a72


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