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How To Use Bluestacks For Mac Os X El Capitan

For about two months, I had been using the bluestacks android emulator in a windows virtual machine. Specifically, I was using parallels and windows 7 32 bit, and was just using bluestacks to play some apps. During that time I was using an early version of OS X Yosemite.

How To Use Bluestacks For Mac Os X El Capitan

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Unfortunately, I have been unable to play apps ever since one of the later Yosemite updates, and the issue persists in the El Capitan update. I can open bluestacks and run the apps fine, but it doesn't take long before my mac crashes for insufficient memory. I have 8 GB of RAM, which had been more than enough to run bluestacks in the past.

It was hard to determine what was causing this issue, but I'm almost certain now that it's an OS X issue (not bluestacks, parallels, or windows). I have tried using vmware fusion, virtual box, all the different windows versions (7 through 10), and many different bluestacks versions. Also, I would prefer to not have to use Bootcamp Assistant, as I only have a 121 GB Hard Drive and I would like to run bluestacks in windows and mac applications simultaneously.

May I ask how you got this to work without crashing. My problem is similar. If i ran bluestacks on my Mac and want to then run VirtualBox to virtualise windows, i always have to restart otherwise my Mac crashes.


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