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The Complete Adicts Singles Collection Rar ##HOT##

999 is good...I considered each of their first three albums for this list. Ditto for the first two Adicts LPs. I'm with ya - I'd go compilation with the Business or UK Subs. And, of course, Singles Going Steady by Buzzcocks is the gold standard of singles collection.

the complete adicts singles collection rar

With wicked cover art by Jeff Zornow (Fright Rags, IDW's Godzilla comics & more), and an iconic back cover photo of Misfits founding member Jerry Only shot through the legendary lens of Mick Rock, this is a package no Misfits record collection will be complete without. Order @ the Misfits Records Online Store now to guarantee a copy in your collection while supplies last and receive instant MP3 download of both tracks. All who pre-ordered have been automatically entered to win a test pressing signed by Jerry Only, with an exclusive skull sketch by Jerry Only on the B-side! The winner will be notified soon. Also available now, the new Misfits "Descending Angel" T-Shirt featuring the old-school inspired, one-color sleeve art illustration by Jeff Zornow.

The 1st pressing on clear red vinyl (Ltd to 1,000 pcs) and the 2nd pressing on clear green vinyl (Ltd to 2,500 pcs) are completely SOLD OUT. Fiends still have a slim, random chance of finding a red or green copy in retail stores that might still have one remaining in stock. Since the pressings aren't marked, the color vinyl inside the sleeves are blind assortment. The only way to guarantee securing a specific color for your collection is to order from our online store.


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