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Resident Evil Biohazard HD REMASTER Free Down...

Resident Evil HD REMASTER 2015 PC Game is developed under the banner of Capcom. Resident Evil HD Remaster game was released on 19th January 2015. With the release of this game, one of the greatest horror game which has defined the survival horror genre become better and stunning in terms of graphics. You can also download resident evil 5.

Resident Evil biohazard HD REMASTER Free Down...

In this refined classic horror Resident Evil HD Remaster game special forces team is sent to investigate peculiar murders in the outskirts of the Racoon city. Upon their arrival for investigation they are welcomed by the mysterious blood thirty creatures which forced them to take a shelter in a nearby mansion. But in this mansion a sword of death is still hanging in the air as the zombies are coming closer. They are short of food and money. The graphics have been made more detailed in order to add more spice to the horror. The resolution of background environment has been increased tremendously. Bloom filters have been applied in post processing to make the visuals more realistic. New controls have also been added and the sounds have also been remastered. resident evil 6 is another game that you may like to download.

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