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Rim Battle Planets [PORTABLE] Full Download

Battle for the treasures of a forgotten civilization on a distant planet in this 3D RTS from the Germany's Fishtank Interactive. The R.I.M.: Battle Planets player takes the role of Max Adamski, commander of the research ship R.S.S. Solarus. The ship is investigating a strange planet in the Outer Rim zone on the edge of explored space when signs of an ancient, advanced civilization are detected. The team begins closer investigations, only to find themselves drawn into a violent war with creatures of another alien race that seems to want to claim the secrets of the ancient civilization for themselves. Units and battlefields are rendered real-time in full 3D as are the in game cut-scenes, which are designed to support the story and advance the plot. The game offers 28 missions through 11 different scenarios.

Rim Battle Planets Full Download

The gameplay revolves around three phases. The first of these phases is the movement phase in which you move your units to their new locations. Secondly there is the attack phase in which you designate targets for your units to fire at. Finally there is the execution phase in which you see the attacks carried out. It sounds straight forward and it more or less is, to learn that is. In order to complete some of the missions you have to develop a well thought out strategy otherwise all your units soon end up destroyed. Shields can be activated and bonuses/upgrades can be applied to your units if you have enough service points. Service points are earned with every move, battle, or special action that a unit makes. In campaign mode these points are earned by retaining units from the previous mission. This rewards well thought out strategies as losing units impacts more than just the mission that you are on. The units take full advantage of the terrain as well, so the tanks on the high ground for instance will always cause more damage than one that is placed on the lower ground. There are even air units to consider too. For some the only disappointment might be that there isn't any other elements to the gameplay apart from the combat.

Published by Fishtank InteractiveDeveloped by TriNodE Entertainment SystemsReleased Apr, 2001Platform WindowsGenre Strategy / tacticsPerspective 3rd-person (Other)Visual IsometricPacing Turn-basedSetting Sci-fi / futuristic -battle-planets

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Dear Jedi_Jack, I love your Galactic Conquest mods, as galactic conquest has ever been my favorite way to play battlefront. I still haven't been able to play V 2.0 but I would like to make an honest remark fron the previous version: though the effort in puting the planets in lore accurate locations is great, these result in a complex labyrinthic grid, which the AI is unfortunately unable to handle.

Hi Jedi_Jack. Thank you for your kind and detailed answer. I appreciate you elaborated on my points. I do understand that the AI is very silly and has a hard time navegating accross the grid, even in the vanilla version. I don't know how this could be worked around, perhaps it is possible to give them more fleets regulary when they have many planets, and hopefully one of them would move forward attacking. Or disabling their chance to recruit fleets in planets too far from its enemy, but I imagine these might involve code, and I don't know to what extent does the game allows coding.


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