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I have two titles Mom and Auntie and I rock them both shirt

Yet she made one mistake, when she took at its facevalue the equal absence of fondness and resentment withwhich the bridegroom had behaved throughout. It waseasy enough to read John March's deep indignationunder the surface of his courteous silences; but neithershe nor John guessed that the bridegroom's only reasonfor not being vexed with both of them was that he wasnot of the sort to let himself be vexed. Each haddisappointed him seriously; Fannie by setting updomestic love and felicity as a purpose instead of anappliance, squandering her care and strength in a short-sightedsighted devotion to his physical needs, and showingherself unfit to co-operate with him in the things forwhich he thought it no great matter to risk his life; andJohn by failing so utterly to discern the true situation inSuez that the only thing to do with him was to let himalone until time and hard luck might season him to betteruses than anyone could make of him yet.

On the gate Daphne Jane still prattled, but after halfa dozen false starts Johanna, for gentle shame's sake, hadfelt obliged to go. Her horse paced off briskly, and a lessalert nature than Daphne Jane's would have fancied hersoon far on her way. As John came forth again he saw nosign that his mother's maid, slowly walking toward thehouse with her eyes down, was not engaged in somepious self-examination, instead of listening down themountain road with both ears. But she easily guessed hewas doing the same thing.


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