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Where To Buy Hmmj Etf

There are risks associated with this product. HMUS is expected to invest in the Marijuana industry in certain U.S. states that have legalized marijuana for therapeutic or adult-use, which is currently illegal under U.S. federal law. HMUS will passively invest in companies involved in the marijuana industry in the U.S. where local state law regulates and permits such activities, as well as in companies involved in the Canadian legal Marijuana industry. HMUS will not be directly engaged in the manufacture, importation, possession, use, sale or distribution of marijuana in either Canada or the U.S. Please read the full risk disclosure in the prospectus before investing.

where to buy hmmj etf

"We would probably give the first year a C minus," said Seaport Global analyst Brett Hundley, giving the industry performance a barely passing grade. The slow roll-out of stores "creates a real problem for Canadian licensed producers, because they've expanded rapidly with cultivation and production facilities and have nowhere to go," he added. Lackluster results from cannabis producers "will continue and potentially worsen," Hundley cautioned.

As laws change and the marijuana industry continues to develop in Canada and elsewhere, the ETF will expand its holdings outside Canada. "The next wave of growth could be driven by the globalization of the industry," Raj Lala, president & CEO of Evolve ETFs, said in a release. "Active management in SEED allows us to capitalize on these opportunities."

Rudy Luukko Rudy Luukko is a freelance writer who contributes to on topics involving fund industry trends and regulatory issues. He retired in May 2018 from his position as editor, investment and personal finance, at Morningstar Canada, where he had worked since 2004. He has also worked as an editor and writer for various general, specialty and institutional media, and he has co-authored courses for the Canadian Securities Institute. Follow Rudy on Twitter: @RudyLuukko.

Most of our clients are over 50 and have built up enough assets that they are close to or already past the point of needing to worry about outliving their funds. Even so, they still often have that worry. Early on, we ask our clients for their goals. They usually relate to financial independence for the rest of their life, being tax smart, and where possible, wanting to help their children and or charities when the time is right. Of course, one of the key parts of determining if they can achieve these goals relates to various assumptions of the future. The key assumption relates to investment performance. 041b061a72


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