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Do I Have To Buy Microsoft Office Again

Some older versions of Office, such as Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 were sold as downloads with product key activations. If you have one of these sets, the programs remain available for new downloads at and can be activated using your original product key. After downloading the software, double-click on the file to start the installation guide and enter the key when prompted.

do i have to buy microsoft office again

Also, a seller may put a key up for a low price because it's an OEM key. These aren't as desirable as retail keys, as you can only install an OEM on one machine, and one time only. If that machine is lost or breaks down, you'll need to wrestle with Microsoft tech support to get a reactivation. If they say no, you'll have to buy Office again.

Some are even more restrictive. Not the only one, but Quark XPress is like that. You can have two activations at a time. Period. Because of the same type of tying to hardware info, you can't just migrate the software over to a new Mac. You must deactivate it on the old computer, then install it fresh on the new one. If you don't, their servers will still think the software is active on an older Mac you already erased the drive on to sell. Do that twice, and you can't even install XPress again without contacting Quark and have them manually clear the activations for that product key. Better have proof of ownership before you even try to get them to do that.

To reinstall Microsoft Office, go to My Account and select the download link if you don't already have the installation file on your hard drive. Then, follow the instructions outlined above. If you do have the file, run it to begin the installation process again.

This is a vestige of the old Microsoft Office days when work was clearly split between home and office environments. Now that work has moved to the cloud and we can work from anywhere, all the lines have been blurred.

Awesome! I have a 2011 Mac and my office is so outdated! I went to the exchange and they have a year subscription for 29.99 but this is probably the best deal out there. Thank you so much for providing this!

I think the clear issue is policing has beenof great benefit to this country, in terms of public safety,and as we have developed community policing, police have, inmany instances, become the glue that brings a communitytogether, as opposed to splitting it apart. Good communitypolice officers have reached out to young people and, insteadof developing suspicion against police, have been responsiblefor becoming their mentors, becoming people who give themguidance and support in the community.

And we must work together to make sure that weknow the best ways, and that we implement the best ways, foruncovering any abuse of authority on the part of the limitednumber of police officers involved in that type of activity;and that we take appropriate steps when that abuse ofauthority has been identified, to see that it is corrected andthat it is never done again.

QUESTION: Ms. Reno, over the last severalyears there have been -- and I gather there was again thisweek from the folks in that review -- periodic calls for somekind of national commission to look at police conduct inAmerica. We heard this after Waco. We heard this after RubyRidge. We heard this after some of the concerns that theNational Rifle Association raised about the ATF. Variousgroups from all different spectrums have suggested this. Andthat is on the table again.

Let me give you an example. I do not know howmany around this table have participated in one of thesesimulators, but, with modern technology, you can now, with alaser gun, have scenes put up on a screen that are real-lifescenes that a police officer faces -- somebody coming arounda corner in a dark alley; is he friend? Is he foe? Is hegoing to shoot you? Is he not? Or is he going to shoot theperson that he is with?

In a separate context that has nothing to dowith your question, because I really do not know of any -- Ido not know the cases of which you speak, so we need to pursuethat and understand that -- I want to make very sure that whenwe make arrests, because I've seen it before, people say, herewe have all these drugs, we seized this, we seized that, whatI'm more interested in is are what are we doing to make surethat we have put a drug organization out of business so thatit does not spring up again. What are we doing to get themajor people in the organization arrested, and not just thesubordinates? 041b061a72


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