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As with many streaming services, you need to pay to get the best quality sound, with the free option having a reduced bitrate. However, unless you listen to the two versions side by side, you will probably not even notice. It is easy to use, and you can download both single songs and entire playlists with one click, ready for offline playback.


Using Jet Audio is a pleasure, it has a clear interface to use, and it includes a clever system for reducing file size to help you fit more music on your device. It sounds great, and while standard playback is really high quality, there is also a full equalizer to let you really tweak your sound to get everything how you want it. With AM3D audio enhancer also included, it really has a great sound whatever you listen to.

A simple iOS-only app that does exactly what the name suggests. Import your music from a variety of sources and it will download to your phone and create playlists to enjoy offline. The best part about this one is the simple interface. It is very easy to get up and running, set up a playlist, and so on. Searching for a specific song or artist is fast too. It has a decent sound, a little flat compared to some with advanced equalizers and other playback tools, and it also lacks the ability to open those high-definition music files too.

This is strange because YouTube music sounds crap when I listen on YouTube but if I download the video and then extract the audio and save it as an AAC or WAV file it sounds 100% better. The difference is night and day, why would that be?

If you go to the quality setting or the Music/Video button on their Music app and pick video 1080p you can get a very goodsound. The problem comes from those options not being available on all choices. MQAis a good alt for the masses as it sounds very good and allows compatibility to most formatswhether fully utilized or not. We all need to understand how important quality sound reproduction is whether or not you comprehend it or not, inferrior sound disturbs our brains. Just going 432 is not the answer. 041b061a72


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